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Int/Fin/S Ch Xenion of Bloodline
Essi - Xenion of Bloodline
[Breed database]

Hips: B/B
Eyes: No HC-, PRA- or RD-changes, a few excess eyelashes
PHTVL/PHPV, not found

The Field Spaniel Xenion of Bloodline was born September 10. 2005 in Switzerland. Breeder is Ingrid Walder.
Essi is a really kind and social Field. She always wants to greet every human and dog, and to play with everyone.
Essi’s favourite toys are everything that squeaks. Her favourite pursuit is swimming. Essi also searches and tracks wildlife very eagerly while in the woods.
She passed her tendency test at her first trial Aug 26 2006 and she got a challenge trophy for being the youngest dog to pass the test that day.
Essi loves to play with her “older sisters” though the Gordons tend to think if she’s ever going to “grow up”.
She is a real company dog and always wants to be with us and preferably close up.
Essi has charmed lots of people at shows, tests and so on. Everywhere people come to talk and admire her.

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