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Frisco - Searock

September 10. 1990 - September 2. 2004
Gordon Setter - bitch

 The biggest grief is wordless
- the deepest missing is soundless.

Frisco was born in Denmark. Breeder was Dan Jensen. Frisco came to me when she was about 2 years old. She was of hunting breed and thus very small, only 21¼ inches over the shoulder. Frisco has been a very calm dog all of her life. She never got excited and only occasionally got playful with her friends while out in the woods. As she gained age her playing reduced as well. In later years, out in the woods, she would rather walk along the paths we humans take than run around with the youngsters. During summer she liked to swim a little but her opinion was that a couple of laps around the pond was enough. Frisco was not shown because of her size.

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