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Kingpoint Eeyore
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 3.6.2002 - 23.9.2010
Gordon setter - bitch

The biggest grief is wordless
- the deepest missing is soundless.

Naomi’s breeder is Tuija Verho.
Naomi came to us at age 7 fall 2009 as a “home swapper”. She had the best possible temperament with humans, but adapting to a pack of dogs, after being the only dog for a long time, proved harder. Her stomach got really upset for a long time, but with medication and a fattening period, she got well again. In the beginning of 2010 she went to 4 shows and got excellent from all of them ending her show career with a BOB out of 11 gordons. May 31 2010 she gave birth to 2 adorable puppies who were left missing their mother all too soon.

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