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Aptus doggie spa

We decided one day in early May when natural waters still were too cold, to take our dogs to the Aptus dog spa in Hyvinkää 75 miles from us. We booked the whole 52 foot pool for an hour. The pool has ramps for easy access in all four corners. We really appreciate that this kind of opportunity to let our dogs swim during the colder seasons exists here in Finland. Swimming is a great form of excersice for a dog with spondylosis as our Noora who was the biggest water fan of all our dogs to date. She really enjoyed herself getting much needed therapy at the same time. Nelli trained her balance trying to pick up toys from the water standing on the ledge, and of course swimming too. She also wondered what she was supposed to do with those stairs as did we as the pool is only four feet deep. It turned out to be a requirement by the authorities. LOL. As toys are allowed in the pool, had we brought a couple of retrieving blocks, that are a special favourite of Essi’s. The retrieving blocks are plain pieces of wood with a couple of bird wings attached. Also Roosa had a keen intrest in the blocks, but Essi was mostly faster to them. Nelli found a couple of tennis balls left behind by some previous visitors. Now tennis balls are her favourite toys and she had a really good time fetching balls from the water. The place is big enough for bigger gatherings, and there have been some club fun days arranged. Our four girls had more than enough space though they occasionally did gather quite closely. The cafeteria and accessories shop fulfilled the day for us humans as the dogs dried up. More pictures can soon be found in their own albums and the together-album. The address for the dog spa is:

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