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Tendency test for spaniels

Pöytyä 26.8.2006

Judge: Johanna Söderholm

Essi was the youngest dog owned by a member of SW Finlands Spaniel club to pass this test and she was awarded with  a nice challenge trophy, called Tiramisu trophy donated by Johanna and Paul Söderholm. Click on the pictures for larger photos.

This test is mandatory for the Finnish and International (FCI) conformation championships.

Essi passed the tendency test with the following comments

Social behaviour
Generally positive. Attitude against dogs social, curious. Attitude against humans generally friendly, slightly cautious.

Search and gunshot
Wide, independent performance. Very eager and efficient. Works with land and air scent. Keeps contact with the handler. Gets excited from the gunshot. Good search pattern.

A land and air scenting tracker who moved back and forth beside the track. Took some blind tracks. Took a detour at the corner, on the second part lost the track and was returned. Back on the track excemplary for a while and then went past the rabbit. On request returns to examine the kill.

Eager to swim and brings the block of wood with wings attached close to the beach where the handler can pick it up.


Cooperation and general impression
Young dog, still depending pretty much on the handler. Promising beginning of a hunting dog.

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